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Box-in-Box Packaging

Box-in-Box Packaging

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  • Box-in-Box packaging is only available for purchase along with a Birdmoss Box.
  • "If you have any issues with your purchase, please reach out to me at, and I'll personally do everything I can to make it right."- Shannon, Birdmoss Curator and Liaison
If you're planning to gift an individual Birdmoss Box, it can be packaged inside another box for shipping.  Postage and mailing labels will be affixed to the exterior box.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Julie K.K.
Enjoying BirdMoss

I just received my second box, which unfortunately was crushed in the mail, luckily the contents were ok. I decided to pretend it went through a dragon war zone to reach me lol. If you ever want to take this to the next level by suggesting music or meditation to open the box by would really enhance the experience. If in the future you had a YouTube where you provide that ambiance and read the letter that would be awesome 🤩 of course yes, always a surprise and YouTube is public, just thoughts. Loved the glitter and the whistle especially ❤️. I sprinkled my tea with the glitter because that’s all I had and it created an awesome Sanskrit symbol for Prana, seriously it was clear as day 🤩

Kathleen N.

My daughter did not get her package. She went to the post office and explained what happened. All they would do is look up the package number and say that it had been delivered. She went to the house across the street twice where they said it had been delivered, but the people said they didn’t have it.
I was wondering if you have any boxes
left over that you could send to the correct address.
I’m so sad. And my daughter too.
Kathleen Ninneman

Steph B.
True kindness

I had purchased a subscription starting with the bees for my terminal best friend. Sadly she passed the day her Birdmoss box arrived. Shannon was exceptionally kind and understanding, canceling her subscription and offering such kind words. Thank you

KroutD M.K.

Box-in-Box Packaging